Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KABAM receives $100 donation from Janet and Gary Watson

Kingman City Councilwoman Janet Watson and her husband, Mohave County District 1 Supervisor Gary Watson have donated $100 to support KABAM's use of Metcalfe Park in Kingman.

Janet Watson, a former teacher with Palo Christi and Manazanita Elementary Schools in Kingman, is an active member of the Kingman Friends of the Library, and remembers reading to her daughter every night. Recently while standing in Mohave County Library - Kingman, carrying a book she had just checked out, she stated she was an avid supporter of KABAM! and literacy. Ms. Watson indicated that her attendance at KABAM! Fest 2011 had been enjoyable and was looking forward to this year's event as well.

Thank you Janet and Gary Watson!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Executive Committee Position Descriptions and Duties

KABAM Fest! Executive Committee

Officers and Duties

1. Chair: The Steering Committee Chair will provide direction to the Committee, schedule and conduct Steering Committee and Executive Committee Meetings, represent the Committee in any capacity necessary, ensure that sub-committees are established and functioning, ensure that regular reports are provided to the MLA Board, and vote on all matters of business.

2. Vice-Chair: The Steering Committee Vice-Chair will perform the duties of the Chair in his/her absence, work for the overall success of KABAM, and vote on all matters of business.

3. Treasurer: The Steering Committee Treasurer will maintain accurate and timely records of all matters pertaining to the finances of the KABAM Fest!, ensure that deposits are made and bills paid in a timely manner, report to the Steering Committee at each of its meetings, work for the overall success of KABAM, and vote on all matters of business.

4. Secretary: The Steering Committee Secretary will record accurate and useful minutes of each Committee Meeting and provide them for formal approval in a timely manner, work for the overall success of KABAM, and vote on all matters of business.

5. Member-at-Large: The Steering Committee Member-at-Large will perform any duties necessary for the good of KABAM, and vote on all matters of business.

Call for Nominations! - Executive Committee

The Steering Committee of the Kingman Area Books are Magic Festival (KABAM!) is currently seeking nominations for 2011-2012 officers to serve on our Executive Committee. The next KABAM! Festival is scheduled for May 19, 2012, but planning has already begun!
Executive Committee positions to be filled include Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary And Member-at-Large. Executive Committee meetings to plan the 2012 Festival are held on an approximately monthly basis.
If you or someone you know are willing serve in any of these positions, (or if you would like to get involved in KABAM in some other capacity)--please contact me by phone or email to indicate your interest, and in which position.
Elections for these Executive Committee positions will be held by email-ballot beginning September 21, 2011. KABAM! is a great opportunity to be involved in our community!
Trish Cobb
Meeting Announcement:
The next KABAM! Steering Committee Meeting is scheduled for October 5, 2011 at 3:00 PM at the Mohave County Library Administration Building, 3279 North Burbank in Kingman. New members and members of the community are encouraged to attend.