Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wrap-up Meeting - June 11 (Wednesday)

4:00 PM, Library Administration Building.
Tentative Agenda:

I. Call to Order, Welcome, Sign-In Sheet and Introductions

II. Ideas and plans for next year’s Fest!
· Shall we move the Fest! to the fall? (Robert thinks so, perhaps in early October, i.e. 2nd weekend, which would make the next Fest! October 10, 2009; if we stay in the spring, how about the 3rd weekend again, which would be May 16th?)
· Bylaws for KABAM? (Robert is willing to work on a draft of these, but feels it would be good to spell out a few things in writing that can be referred to each year, i.e. the fact the KABAM operates under the auspices of the Mohave Library Alliance; the budget for featured authors must be in-place at least 2 months prior to the festival or else we cancel with authors; what different positions exist on the Steering Committee and how people are selected for them; how dates for the Fest! are selected; the fact that schools who want featured authors to visit their schools required demonstrated commitment to the Fest! by attending meetings; how decisions are made, etc.)
· Evaluation of how well the Steering Committee worked/should it be called the KABAM Board or Executive Board?
· Evaluation of how well the authors sub-committee worked
· Evaluation of how the featured authors’ visits and presentations worked
· Evaluation of the schools visits
· Evaluation of the poetry slam
· Evaluation of the authors reception
· Evaluation of volunteer efforts
· Evaluation of entertainment on Saturday
· Evaluation of the Fest! on Saturday in the park
· Evaluation of fund raising
· Evaluation of vendor efforts
· Evaluation of marketing
· Other?

Next Meeting: 4:00 PM; Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Mohave County Library Administration Building - Kingman